My site has gone through several incarnations. Hundreds if you count the sites I used to make when I first began learning html in middle school. I've always had problems finishing them and commiting to a design.

Once I began learning to program I tried several times to build a blog of my own design. I'd always get close to something I liked and then would decide I wanted to try a new technology or add a new feature to it and so I never got anything finished with it. Recently I decided to learn how Wordpress worked in an attempt to build something for a few friends projects. Several things got in the way of finishing learning wordpress and I decided I needed a blog now so I can share with the world, or at least so I don't forget what I learned. And I decided instead of trying to adapt my rails site into a wordpress template Instead of screwing around trying to convert html pages into a wordpress template and learn the ins and outs of how wordpress structures its files.

And I wrote everything before this over a month ago. The processes I needed to record are currently being put into a presentation by a coworker Chris Reister and will hopefully be posted up here later, as well as at his site. The main reason I've decided to come back to this project is recently one of my cousins started a blog of his own and has kind of made me want to finish my own blog.

So that's that. I've finally got my first blog article written up, and I am mostly happy with the layout of the site, I've got a few tweaks here and there and finish up writing content for other unpublished pages. Hopefully it won't take me a few more months to write a second blog article.

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